Hi, I'm Pat Flynn and I'd be honored to be your speaker.
Thank you for considering me to speak at your conference or event. I’m so grateful.
Speaking on stage and energizing audiences is a special privilege that I don’t take lightly. I work hard at my craft and my material to deliver truly memorable and valuable experiences.
If you think I may be a great match for your event, then I’m excited to hear about it.
Let's Get Started
Are we truly a great match?
Choosing a speaker is an important decision. I respect that immensely. That's why I want to make sure we're on the same page up front. After all, aligning expectations is a big key to success.

1. I educate and entertain big audiences.
Keynote presentations are big impact opportunities. I love them and give preference to them because they enable me to help people like you get maximum results from their events. So, when forced to choose, I choose keynote opportunities where my work can make the biggest difference.

2. I insist on being myself.
There is no substitute for genuine authenticity. I'm me at all times—on stage and off. I do fun things, different things, and sometimes quirky things to captivate audiences. It's who I am and it works wonders. When you hire me, you get my best, most authentic and engaging self.

3. I hope you look at me as an investment in your event's success.
I attend a lot of amazing conferences and events across a range of industries. I'm friends with a bunch of conference organizers. And I even co-hosted and funded my own live event once. So I know what's required to make an event special. I want to be a big factor in that success for you.

4. I work with you, personally, every step of the way.
Some speakers become disengaged and difficult to work with. I get that. That's why I stay engaged at all times. I want this process to be super smooth. I want to learn the nuances of your event so that I can delight your fans and blow their minds. My assistant, Jessica, will help us stay organized...but it's always me you're dealing with. Always.


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Thanks again for considering me to speak at your conference or event.
I appreciate you and your interest very much. I'll be in touch very soon.
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